Department Personnel


Station 1

  Engine 601: Lt.  Allred and C Harris

Rescue 611: W. Hayes and L. Jenkins


Station 2

Engine 602: Lt. Clevenger, C. Davis, R. Mizell, M. Allred


Station 1

Engine 601: Lt. P. Fowler and B. Roberson

Rescue 611: C. Weston, A. Truett, S. Brock


Engine 602: Captain Cunningham, A. Fowler, S. Chapman


Station 1

Engine 601: Captain Madison, G. Nix, C. Sanford

Rescue 611: B. Pate, And S. Sloan

Station 2

Engine 602: Lt. Babineaux, M. Wells, C. Chesser, T. Clayton


Engine 601

1000 Gallon Pumper

Rescue 611

Emergency Transport

Car 600

Command Vehicle

Engine 602

1000 Gallon Pumper

Tanker 641

2500 Gallon Tender


Emergency Response ATV, Donated by the Jefferson County EMA