Department Divisions

Training Division

It is the mission of the McAdory Area Fire District Training Division to provide the highest quality training, instruction and evaluation to its members. This is intended to prepare our department to serve our community in the most efficient and effective means possible , and to ensure personal safety as we deliver this service. This training includes fire ground tactics, hazardous materials, territory training, and yearly apparatus operator refreshers. The training office is responsible for ensuring all firefighters meet the minimum standards as required by the Alabama Fire College. Certification classes are offered throughout the year to continue further education.

Public Education

The public education division is responsible for fire prevention education and outreach services.  Fire safety education is an important part of the overall duties assigned to the fire department. The department develops and coordinates a variety of public education and training programs that are used in the community.  We also provide other classes including CPR and child safety seat instruction. To learn more about this program or to schedule a class please contact Captain Micah Cunningham or Firefighter Craig Harris at

Emergency Medical Services

High quality emergency medical care is defined by the decisions made on each and every patient encounter. The challenge EMS providers face is to make important, sometimes critical decisions with limited amount of information. Other times McAdory Fire personnel are called solely for their medical opinions. In all cases potential patients are approached with great professionalism and concern for their well being. The EMS office is responsible for the education and training of our Paramedics and EMT's to maintain state license as well as quality improvement of all patient care reporting. Any questions or concerns for the EMS office you can contact Deputy Chief Lockhart or Lieutenant Kevin Allred.

Fire Inspections

The fire inspection division is responsible for conducting yearly inspections on all schools, churches, and businesses. These inspections provide a safe environment for anyone that enters these types of structures. As well as provide vital information to the crew that will respond in the event of an emergency. We also provide occupancy load calculations for each building, check sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers. If you are in need of a home inspection for a daycare or any other purpose please feel free to contact our Fire Marshal Captain Micah Cunningham at

Volunteer Program

McAdory Area Fire District is a combination department and continues to rely on our volunteers in support roles. We ensure that all of our volunteers meet and or exceed our minimum standards.  Our volunteers meet each week to train and gain more knowledge in fire and EMS emergency situations. We have members that are interested in making the fire service a career and some that just want to serve their community. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a volunteer you can contact Deputy Chief Brad Lockhart at