Board Of Directors

Board Information

The Fire District is governed by a five member board of directors who operate on funds generated by property taxes in our district. The board of directors meet the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 6 pm starting with a work session followed by a regular board meeting. Meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend. Meetings are held at Fire Station #1.

Board of Directors

Brandon Bagnell- Chairman

Jeremy Wright

Jack Self

Tim Ferguson 


To contact the Board of Directors of McAdory Area Fire District please email them:

Board Meeting Agenda

​The following agenda shall apply to all board meetings:

  • Call to order (opening ceremonies)
  • Reading of the Minutes
  • Tresurer's report
  • Chief's report
  • Committee reports
  • Presentation and Approval of Bills
  • Communications
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Public Input (At option of the chairman)
  • Executive Session (when justified)
  • Adjournment​

Voted 12-07-2010/ Effective 01-01-2011

Work Session Agenda

The following agenda shall apply to all work sessions:

  • Call to order (opening ceremonies)
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Public Input (At option of the chairman)
  • Executive Session (when justified)
  • Adjournment

Additional Information

Special Meeting- Special meetings may be called by the chairman as he/she deems necessary.

Quorum- Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum at all regular and special meetings. In the absence of a quorum, the chairman shall adjourn the meeting to another time. Notice of the new date and time shall be given to the Secretary in the same manner as for a special meeting.

Meeting Notices- Meeting notices shall be posted on a bulletin board at a place convenient to the public by the Secretary of the Board or his/her designee and contain the proposed agenda at least seven (7) days prior to the regular meetings. Special meeting notices shall be posted 24 hours prior to the meeting and contains the specific agenda for which the meeting was called. Emergency special meetings may be called with less than 24 hour notice and require the specific agenda items that required the meeting, specifically items that required immediate action "to avoid physical injury to persons or damage to property". All of the above will comply with the Alabama Open Meeting's Law. Noncompliance with this paragraph shall preclude the meeting from taking place.